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  • Class XI - 328 questions - Questions related to syllabus of Class XI and Basic Accountancy.
  • Class XII - 235 questions - Questions on Accounts for Class XII, CBSE and other boards.
    • Partnership-Fundamentals - 57 questions - Questions relating to Division of Profit, P&L Appropriation A/c and Methods of Calculating Goodwill etc.
    • Partnership-Admission - 31 questions - Questions relating to Admission of a Partner and Change in Profit Sharing Ratio.
    • Partnership-Retirement - 14 questions - Questions relating to Retirement and Death of a Partner.
    • Partnership-Dissolution of a Partnership Firm - 19 questions - Questions related to Dissolution of a Firm like preparation of Realization A/c etc.
    • Company Accounts-Accounting for Share Capital - 65 questions - Questions related to Issue, Forfeiture, Reissue and Disclosure of Share Capital in the Company's Balance Sheet.
    • Company Accounts-Accounting for Debentures - 11 questions - Questions related to Issue and Redemption of Debentures.
    • Analysis of Financial Statements - 14 questions - Questions relating to Ratio Analysis, Comparative Statement and Common Size Statement
    • Cash Flow Statement and Fund Flow Statement - 24 questions
  • CA-CPT - 28 questions - Questions related to topics which are in CA-CPT but not in XI and XII Syllabus
  • Quantitative Aptitude - 9 questions
  • General - 173 questions - Questions of general nature which don't fall in any category like career options etc may be asked here.