Rectification of errors.

sir plz explain these examples :-
Purchase book being under cast by rs 1000 or sales book being overcast by rs 1000 are the errors that affect the trial balance. how?
Balance of purchases being recorded as rs 10000 instead of rs 1000 or purchases being recorded in sales book do not affect he trial balance . how?

asked Oct 28, 2016 in Rectification of Errors by cute shanaya (18 points) 1,908 views

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From above you can understannd that Trial Balance is not tallhing because this is a one-sided error.  Similarly  if Sales Book is overcast by Rs.1000 Trial Balance will not tally because Debit side of Trial Balance (representing debtors) will be short by Rs.1000 because credit side of Trial Balance (represented by Sales A/c) is overcast by Rs.1000/

If purchases are recorded as Rs.10,000 instead of Rs.1,000, trial balance will tally because it is a two-sided error because from journal Purchase a/c will be debited by Rs.10,000 and Creditor's A/c will also be credited by Rs.10,000.

In case purchases are by mistake are recorded in Sales Book, Trial Balance will tally because on the one hand Sales A/c will be credited and on the other parties A/c will be debited.  It is a two sided error, hence Trial Balance will tally.

answered Oct 28, 2016 by jbsclasses (3,971 points)
i can't understand the answer of the 1st part.... i mean the trial balance is matching... why are u saying it is not matching?

And also how is it one sided error?? plz explain .. i am really confused..
I have made the correction, now look at the Trial Balance, it does not tally.  The undercasting of Purchase Book is impacting only the Purchase A/c and not creditors' accounts, hence it is a one-sided error.  Remember, trial balance does not tally only because of one-sided errors.
So according to your answer the purchase book is undercast by rs 1000.It is a totalling mistake, isn't it?
Actuallu casting means totalling. Undercasting means totalling less and overcasting means excess totalling.