can u pls tel the JE ?

financial year is jannuary 2012 to Dec 2012

A raised a loan from Bank for Rs 50,000 at 18% p.a. which is repayable with interest on 1.9.2012

what will be the journal entry for the above question:--

a) if seperate sets of books are maintained

2) If memorandum joint venture is maintained.
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The journal entries are given on the assumption that he raised the loan personally but to be used by joint venture.

Separte Set of Books:

On receipt of amount from A             Joint Bank A/c           Dr.  50000

                                                                      To A's Capital A/c                       50000

On repayment of loan with interest:  A's Capital A/c          Dr.  50000

                                                          Joint Venture A/c          (with interest)

                                                                     To JV Bank A/c

Memorandum Joint Venture Method: (in Books of A): JE for raising loan.

                                                         Bank A/c                     Dr.  50000

                                                                    To Bank Loan A/c                           50000

In this case next journal entry will be passed only when he spends money on behalf of Joint Venture.  Entry for that will be :                                          Joint Venture with ....A/c Dr.
                                                                   To Bank A/c

For repayment of loan entry will be: Bank Loan A/c                     Dr.

                                                          Joint Venture with ......A/c    Dr. (with interest part)

                                                                    To Bank A/c
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