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Sir i'm 24 don't have any degree.I just starting my career at this stage.I'm interested in doing ACCA. Please give me advice that is ACCA will be a good choice in INDIA and can i move abroad after ACCA.

And do firms or companies hire professional without any degree or a graduation degree is mandatory.

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Dear Vicky, for marketing and BPO jobs companies hire school pass outs also and they are paid reasonably also.  For Accounting jobs at the entry level, companies prefer graduates.

ACCA is not a good choice for India.  I think while choosing a course you should keep only two things in mind: (1) Your aptitude and (2) Primarily that you are going to work in India.  I am saying so because if you choose a course for which you have an inclination, then you will enjoy your job and that is the key to success.  I must tell you that it is not all that easy to migrate abroad.  For accounting professionals it  is a bit easy to get jobs in Gulf countries but very difficicult to get jobs in US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Why you wish to enter the field of Accounting/Finance and not marketing or any other field?  I will suggest that you do a bit of introspection to understand your aptitude and then take a call on the field of study you wish to pursue.
answered Mar 20, 2016 by jbsclasses (3,971 points)
But i'm quite interested in accounting field.Due to family and finance problem i had to stop my education.But now i want to pursue again on my field of interest.What do u say?
It is good to know that you are interested in Accounting profession.  My suggestion is that while doing the job, you puruse CMA.  You can do CMA while continuing your job also.  Moreover, this is a very valuable degree in the job market.
are u taking about the Indian CMA or US cma.and what is the reason to drop the ACCA
I am talking about Indian CMA.  Why for me ACCA is out, please read my original reply.