Rectification of errors and their impact on profit.

A company's statement of profit or loss for the year ended 31 December 2015 showed a net profit of $83,600. It was later found that $18,000 paid for the purchase of a motor van had been debited to the motor expenses account. It is the company's policy to depreciate motor vans at 25% per year on the straight-line basis, with a full year's charge in the year of acquisition.
What would the net profit be after adjusting for this error?

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This is an error of Principle.  The wrong entry has been:

Motor Expenses A/c    Dr.  18000

  To Bank A/c                                        18000

Correct entry should have been:

Motor Van          A/c     Dr.   18000

   To Bank A/c                                        18000

Rectified entry will be:

Motor Van A/c              Dr.   18000

   To Motor Expenses A/c                     18000

Now entry for charging depreciation  on straight line method will be:

Depreciation on Motor Van A/c   Dr.  4500

   To Motor Van A/c                                             4500

Now let us see what will be the impact of the rectification entry and entry for charging depreciation on net profit.

Net Profit before rectification of Error                                  = $83600

Add increase in income due to rectification of error        = $18000

Less Depreciation expenses on Motor Van                     =  $  4500

Net Profit after correction and depreciation                      =  $97100

Depreciation is charged @25% on straight line basis = $18000 x 25/100 = $4500
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Sir, why would we add $18000 after doing the rectification?
How there will be an increase in income?
Earlier you had treated the payment made for Motor Van as an expense (motor expense A/c).  Due to this  profits had reduced.  After rectification $18000 have been treated as an asset.  This will reduce the expenses of the business, hence increase its profits.