Single Column Cash Book

Hey sir! I have a doubt relating to single column cash book. In a single column cash book are only transactions relating to "cash" recorded such as purchases goods for cash and cash sales etc? Where will transactions relating to bank such as purchases goods for cheque etc. appear?

asked Aug 22, 2015 in Subsidiary Books by Feba Rajeev (71 points) 859 views

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You are right Rajeev, in the Single Column Cash Book, only transactions which involve 'Cash' are recorded.  All other transactions are recorded in the Journal unless Journal is further divided.  Let us take the example of a small firm which maintains only a Single Column Cash Book and a Journal.  In such a case all transactions involving cash such as cash purchases, cash sales, salary or other expenses paid in cash, all cash receipts like cash received from debtors etc. will be recorded in Single Column Cash Book.

All transactions involving Bank such as Sales made against cheque or purchases made through cheque  will be recorded in the journal.
answered Aug 22, 2015 by jbsclasses (3,971 points)
Thanks! Just a small clarification. U had mentioned that the transactions relating to bank are recorded in the journal. By referring to journal, do you mean the general journal where all the transactions are first recorded?
You are right, Journal here means General Journal.  Please refer to  the  example I gave above of a small organisation which is maintaining only a Cash Book and a Journal.  In such a case bank transaction and all other transactions will be recorded in the Journal.  You may call it General Journal.  

Normally we use the word General Journal for Journal when we are maintaining many subsidiary books like Cash Book, Purchase Book, Sales Book, Purchase Return Book and Sales Return Book etc.