a man saved rs 45150 nd paln to produce a home if he needsto make a 15% down payment which price of house can be plan to buy ??

asked Apr 8, 2014 in Quantitative Aptitude by aslam (107 points) 152 views

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Dear Aslam, your question is not clear.  I am giving the reply assuming that you are saying that if Rs.45150(15%) is the down payment, then what is the price of house.

If 15% amounts to Rs45150, then

1% will amount to Rs.45150/15

100% or total price of house will be (45150/15)x100 = Ra.301000
answered Apr 8, 2014 by Shekhar (54 points)
can i do this by supposing x+x
Another way of doing this question is:
Let the price of the house be X, 15% of X is equal to 45150, hence if  85% of X is added to 45150, it shall be equal to X (price of the house)
45150 + .85X = X             [X x 85/100 = .85X]
.15X = 45150
X = 45150/.15 = 301000