what is CMA ? how is its scope and is it tougher as CA or less then that ? does it has more scope then MBA ?

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CMA means Cost and Management Account, popularly known as Cost Accountants.  This course is conducted by Institute of Cost Accountants of India (previously Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI).  Its scope is quite similar to CA though it is considered to be slightly easier than CA.  Definitely it has more scope than MBA from an ordinary institute/college.  Its value is almost equal to CA.
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can i do this course after 12nd year class  or i have to do some diploma before doing this course ? and whats the duration  of this course ?
i am giving below a link where you will get all the information regarding CMA course:

is it necessary that this course should only be conducted by institute of cost accountants of india or it can also be conducted by any other country  also ???and what is the duration of this course ???

This course is conducted by almost all the majour countries like US and UK etc.  Normally this course should finish betwee 3-4 years. You can get all the information about this course from the site of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India:


is CMA can only be done from india or i can do this course from other parts of the country ?
CMA can be done from many countries.  The most preferred is CMA from US.  You can do that by remaining in your country only.  They have their examination centres in many Asian countries also.
whats the meaning of i can do that by remaining in my country only ? i dont get this sentence ?
This means you can get registered with the CMA institute of US.  You don't have to attend any classes there.  You have to appear for exams, centres of which are in many Asian countries.  I mean to say you need not go to US or any other country for studies.  You can get registered through correspondence and appear for exams.