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a shop keper made profit of 20% by seling 10 kg of rice for RS160 .what is per cost of rice ? plz solve it

asked Apr 7, 2014 in Quantitative Aptitude by aslam (107 points) 165 views

1 Answer

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Let the cost price of rice be X and the profit made on this will be X x 20/100.  Selling price would be X + X x 20/100 = 160.

X = 800/5 = Rs.133.33
answered Apr 7, 2014 by Shekhar (54 points)
Where doesthis 800 nd 5 come frm???
X + X x 20/100 = 160
X + X x 1/5 = 160
X + X/5 = 160
(5X + X)/5 = 160
6X/5 = 160
6X = 160 x 5
6X = 800
X = 800/6
X = 133.33
I hope now it is clear where from 800 and 6 came. By mistake 5 was typed.
thta wat i am talkin about
ok sir u hav solved it by  the symbol usin x bt in my book they had use the fomula of rate%=percentage\ base ...so can i solve it by ur method because ur method is vry ezy in my book so freaking complicated plzz tell me ?
Dear Aslam, this is the proper method.  No problems, you can solve this question in exams by this method.
sir i had not understnad the 4th portion how does this come ? (5x+x)\5
It has come because of addition of fractions by taking LCM.
160*120/100 i think this method is enough
Dear Cheetah, it should be (160/120)X100 = 133.33