The PGDM Orientation Program in GIBS will happen soon

The third week of July is not so distant and first batch of PGDM at Global Institute of Business Studies will begin their career hunt with the Postgraduate diploma in business management. The premier GIBS has been reaching several milestones in recent years and serves as an excellent launch pad for would be business managers who aim high to reach plush positions in India or overseas. Besides, Bangalore provides ample inspiration and opportunities with all the mega businesses that crowd the garden city. Whether it is software or automobiles, telecommunications or manufacture, hospitality or healthcare, a range of companies large and small offer the best internships and placements for the fortunate ones.

Lucky to be here

As it is said about many reputed institutions, admission itself is half the battle won and let us hope that the PGDM batch of boys and girls are so blessed. After the long stretch of school education successfully completed with class 12 and a further graduation degree, perhaps of 3 or 4 years, it has already been a hard climb. Trekking is an appropriate metaphor to represent the often painful and challenging process of education. Now, having successfully been admitted, they are within sight of the gleaming peak. So far and yet so close, it seems, to success with their business dreams.

The importance of institutional programs

A series of gatherings for various reasons is an essential part of formal education. The orientation that inaugurates the activities that will keep the students busy over many weeks and months commences it all with the blessings of the elders and a few celebrities. Besides the spiritual dimensions, the orientation is particularly important for out of station candidates and those who might have come here from abroad to discover the light of education. Absolutely important and necessary is the orientation to find yourself amidst the complexities of life at GIBS in Bangalore. The orientation program will throw light on several important concerns about the course, the institution and the people behind it.

An introduction to a new way of life and thinking, values and philosophy that just might make the difference to building the future, let the AICTE  approved PGDM orientation spark a new thinking and awareness, kindle a spirit of hard work and creativity, zeal and enterprise. A world of ethics and values, dedicated to national and humanitarian causes, is well worth living. A business life does not mean a maximum profit oriented lifestyle. Some of the greatest businesspersons in history have been charitable and altruistic human beings with hearts of gold. It is only the general impression of greed for profits that has resulted in the common perception that business people are dishonest and hungry for profits.

Work cooperatively in groups

Several academic and practical programs, perhaps every week in GIBS would introduce the idea of group work and that is the only way success is possible in complex societies. A lone voice is not heard in the wilderness of modern life, but combined brains and limbs have great impact. Just like the orientation, several programs during the PGDM would stress the need for a collective effort. In the business career too, though each has a designation as a manager or coordinator, the realization dawns that it is all collective effort where the department or section, team or branch works together. May the PGDM students be blessed with success from the very beginning with the orientation.

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