Personality Development – An Important Aspect for Professional Growth

In today’s competitive world, having good personality is considered to be an important aspect for attaining career success. Just like the recruiters give emphasis to one’s educational background and expertise at work, personality also gains a lot of importance while selecting candidates during an interview. This especially holds true in the professional domains where interacting with the customer or clients is a part of the job. With the need for personality development getting heightened among employers and students alike, it has become the prime necessity for the educational institutions to incorporate personality development sessions into their curriculum.

The fact is that the corporate business world today is in dire need of smarter and efficient employees, and having recognized the benefits of personality development in the professional sphere, it is high time that educational institutions start integrating personality development as an integral part of education. That too, when it comes to management education programs, personality development is pivotal. It has become a necessity for business schools to enhance their students’ personality so that they can fit and compete with the real business environment. In that direction, IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) stands among the top management institutes in India, offering various high-end management programs for students that not only help them excel in the management world but also aid to groom their personality.

Why Personality Development Gains So Much Importance?

Personality development plays a crucial role in an individual’s professional as well as personal life. In a professional environment, it is necessary that individuals master the art of communication and express thoughts/feelings in a professionally acceptable way. Personality development is what grooms an individual into a successful personality having the capabilities to make a mark of his/her own. In general, personality development helps students develop a vibrant, flexible attitude towards life and inculcates in them positive qualities such as discipline, punctuality, willingness to learn, and much more. Indeed, personality development turns an individual into an asset for the organization and makes him or her clearly stand ahead of the rest.

A personality is not something innate and can be developed with appropriate guidance. However, changing one’s personality is not a quick-fix and is a gradual process, taking a lot of time and effort. Students need an appropriate conducive environment that would aid in developing one’s personality in the right manner. When educational institutions have a curriculum that encompasses personality development activities, it will certainly help students gain the right kind of attributes for professional exposure.

In that sense, we, at IIPM believe in the importance of personality development as an aggregate of a student’s professional and personal capabilities. IIPM, as one of the top management institutes, targets improving intellectual growth in students and helps them acquire greater entrepreneurial skills that empower them for the competitive world. We prepare them into skillful and professional individuals who are enabled to cater to the rising demands of the global business environment.

IIPM – Helping Students Emerge as the Leaders of Tomorrow

Regarded as one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi, IIPM helps students excel in their academic education along with building in them multifarious abilities and soft skills that serve to lift their overall personality and improve their career prospects substantially. We strive to encompass in our students the skills of leadership, communication, decision making, confidence, and a positive attitude to face corporate challenges and work efficiently in the professional environment.

IIPM, New Delhi, offers extensive Personality Development Programs, executive communication skills sessions as well as personality and oratory skills development training that lay emphasis on the holistic development of students. IIPM imbibes in students the crucial interpersonal skills, professional etiquettes, and business values through corporate grooming, and thus provides them an edge for enhancing their professional success. The courses at IIPM prepare students for the industry not as mere managing professionals but as role models and entrepreneurs influencing business practices and innovation.

As one among the top institutes for MBA, IIPM has been successfully imparting quality education and training to bring about holistic development of students. We transform students into eminent entrepreneurs and business management professionals who can efficiently handle big industrial houses and business enterprises. The management programs at IIPM not only focus on academic curriculum and practical industry experience but also aid in development of skills and competencies that enable students to succeed professionally and enhance their potential to the fullest.

The holistic learning experience at IIPM is truly enriching and enthralling for students in developing a rich repertoire of skills, combined with sufficient practical exposure and knowledge. IIPM, New Delhi is looked upon as one of those institutes that empower students to succeed in all aspects of professional and personal development, thereby turning them into highly skilled entrepreneurial graduates with the ability and competency to crack the cocoon around them and succeed in the business world.

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