IIPM – Providing the Wealth of International Exposure to Students

A postgraduate degree in management is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after credentials in the demanding business world of today. But getting just another post graduate degree in management is not going to make you viable in the business world. A lot of the value of the qualification depends on the perks that it comes with, for instance, a modern curriculum, a well-trained faculty, and definitely international exposure.

International exposure broadens out the vision and enhances the acumen of the students by giving them the first-hand experience of the global business scenario. Studying with transnational students and being taught by multinational faculty gives the students a holistic view of the business practices across territories and makes them ready to take on the jobs even outside the borders of the country.

In the context of international exposure, a mention must be made of the renowned IIPM Institute, Delhi, which stands among the top 10 management colleges in Delhi. IIPM Delhi is one of the most sought-after management institutes in the country that is primarily known for the wealth of international exposure that it offers to its students. The institute believes that providing a glimpse of the international arena of business to the students ensure that they are able to excogitate the different business strategies that are blooming in the foreign markets and apply the same in their motherland. This can help in doing away with the remnants of a pragmatic view of business that still exists in the country.

IIPM ensures that the students get to cover all the facets related to knowing the ins and outs of the global and national business scenario. Thus, it is imperative for the budding management graduates to develop a logical view of the facets of business like international marketing, international finance, modern supply chain, game theory application, and so on. Going through the diverse cultures ensures that each student gets a better topical view of the business.

There are various ways through which the international experience program at IIPM New Delhi is conducted. One of the significant facets of the program lies in the student exchange program. Every year we send a batch of our brightest minds to the revered universities of countries like America and Germany, and in return, we welcome their students to our campus. The good news is that the foreign universities are really interested in Indian talent and they have actively expressed their interests in taking in brilliant minds from our campus.

We also have a faculty exchange program in place in our university. The eminent and experienced professors from across the shores routinely come to IIPM Delhi to share their world of knowledge with our students. We feel extremely proud of the visiting foreign faculty that we get on our campus. These are the stalwarts of business who have been in the business arena for years. The discussions and deliberations with the faculty give the students the chance to amalgamate their academic know-how with practical insights.

We are also working towards ensuring that our students can gain direct entry to the top universities abroad after completion of their courses in IIPM. The talks are on with several renowned management universities abroad, and the heartening news is that the responses have been highly positive. We hope that in a few years, we will be able to ensure a direct berth for our students in the top-ranked universities from across the world.

We understand that international exposure remains fruitless until the efforts come from the curriculum of the home university itself. Our updated and latest curriculum ensures that the students face no problem in adapting to the world of management studies abroad. We provide them with a solid foundation of knowledge which makes sure that they have enough wind under their wings to soar through the foreign skies.

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