The GIBS Daksh celebrates Women’s Day with eminent panelists to highlight feminine causes


Global Institute of Business Studies being strategically located in Bengaluru amidst oceans of businesses is very well equipped to fulfill corporate dreams. While their postgraduate degrees MBA and PGDM are in great demand as a passport to very successful business careers, the undergraduate BBA and BCom also attract many boys and girls from across the 29 states of India and several countries abroad. If higher education is often a gamble in terms of careers that professional courses should serve, GIBS alumni are doing rather well through internships and placements with some of the leading multinationals that have made Bengaluru their dazzling home.

Now that the annual meaningful International Women’s Day approached on March 8, the GIBS Women Empowerment Cell  known as DAKSH swung into action. They appropriately organized a program with senior panelists participating, themed ‘Celebrate the Women in You.’ GIBS with an equally matched team of boys and girls participating in every field like clubs and committees truly carry out the message of gender equality in spirit and action.

The eight women panelists represent a glittering cross section of accomplished modern society. Forget the traditional ideas of male dominance. Entrepreneurs and Trainer, Fitness enthusiast, dancer and choreographer, gynecologist, chartered accountant, bank manager, life coach, management expert – women power is well represented in the list of panelists! Ms. Annapurna A (Director – HR, Inspirage) would be the keynote speaker.

Significance of Women’s Day!

Each year brings a long list of celebrations of national or global importance. While they are duly celebrated, often with fervor and programs being organized, do people really think deeply and apply the theme? Do you know when the world started observing the occasion? What was the theme designated for Women’s Day 2018?

The origin of Women’s Day goes back to 1909, though more than a century may be hard to believe, the Socialist Party of America being responsible. If you can imagine the situation then, women had a long way to go to achieve their rights and the power to vote.

In 2018, the Press for Progress theme reminds that the media can do so much to achieve the rights of women and narrow down the gender divide.  Who is going to achieve that? Governments and private organizations, businesses and charities can all play their parts to promote women. Functions and events, marches and online programs would help focus attention on a severe theme of global significance.

How close are we to witness gender parity? Research does have some disturbing facts to communicate, though we realize that the women’s situation is getting better. Across the world, employment and payments for women are inferior as compared to the male counterparts.

In India, the defense forces, taxi and auto rickshaw drivers nowadays have more and more women as compared to the male dominated past. It is not enough to have women leaders, but common jobs should be done by women too on an equal footing with men.

In terms of the number of years to achieve equality between the sexes, various researches indicate at least a hundred years! Hopefully, the lot of women would improve much before that far off date. Don’t judge according to media reports and a few stray incidents that paint a pessimistic image. Look at the positive side of women empowerment and lots would be found to bring a smile. Women rock the world.

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