Future of Engineering in India: A Research by AGU

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The central idea behind this research article is to track down and identify the market trends with the perspective of engineering and to infer the futuristic scope for the most rapidly growing engineering streams.

Since last few years, the technocrats have dived deep into the tremendous opportunities for automating household instruments, connecting different types of devices under one roof, making the devices intelligent, and controlling these connected intelligent devices remotely. On the other hand, there is a potential growth visible for urbanization and to look up alternatives for energy sources without utilizing/ wasting natural resources.

Furthermore, the technology evangelists, architects, and researchers have developed and introduced a wide variety of new technologies to cater the needs of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrialization or IOT
  • Automation
  • Software Development

Moreover, the scientists, architects, and engineers are gradually coming up with new innovative ideas to upgrade and develop:

  • Fuel and Energy Sources
  • Hybridization
  • Cadastral Transformation

In addition to the above, there are gradual and steady developments in ecological, geographical and biological domains, in which, new compounds are being researched which are economical and more efficient than their legacy counterparts. Also with climatic and ecological disturbances, a lot of new diseases are coming into existence and a vast variety of drugs are being designed and developed for their remedies.

In the coming sections, we will have a brief walk-through (exemplary instances) of aforementioned key developments and how they will be impacting the engineering streams in terms of their future scope.


More and more manufacturing companies like Yamaha, Sony, Panasonic, etc. are eventually indulging in a cold war. This is not in terms of market capture with automobiles, but inventing and manufacturing robots. And not just any robots, the plan is to manufacture more of humanoids with high intelligence for which new algorithms are being designed day in and day out.


The primary focus of this segment is to automate the mechanical and electrical appliances. As an instance, in most organizations these days, the electricity supply is tripped at some specified time every day. This is done by controlling and automating the power supply with the programmable logic controller. In another example, the reservoir gates can be set to open or close when the water level reaches a certain threshold value.


This revolution is mainly based on a single principle of connecting and communicating with the automated and intelligent devices. The Internet of Things is the upcoming market segment where even the vehicles like cars are being upgraded to connected cars to interact with each other and humans. The connected cars are, by themselves able to take decisions to apply breaks when movement is prone to accident, or start viper when the windshield is all wet. In addition to this, the car can take control of driving while the driver can enjoy a cup of coffee.


With the recent developments in the automation, industrialization and artificial intelligence, it is very likely that the market will require new technologies and software to communicate with the new connected and intelligent devices, most often referred to as HMI (Human Machine Interface). As an example, HMI can be thought of as the software system which controls the Delhi Metro communication network and the metro trains operated by DMRC.


With the depletion in natural energy reservoirs around the globe, it is but natural to identify and develop new energy sources, be it natural or processed (artificial). As witnessed in recent years, more nuclear power plants are being constructed all over the world to cope up with the deficit in coal mines and other natural energy resources.


With the development in the automobile sector to manufacture intelligent and IOT based vehicles, there is a heavy requirement of fuel variants which are either natural or chemically designed, but cheaper and abundantly available. A common example is the CNG based vehicle and a test version of the car that runs on Hydrogen as fuel. These vehicles which don’t directly depend on petroleum are referred to as Hybrid Vehicles.


The recent government bills and budget have marked an initiative to transform the rural areas and villages into developed regions. This is what is commonly referred to as Urbanization. In this initiative, the construction companies and architects are coming up with the sophisticated designs of the new buildings and their layouts. The designs, however, are created keeping the civil and mechanical components into consideration. These components cover pipelines, roads, agricultural areas, oil and gas, refineries, etc. as main aspects.


With the increase in population, pollution, and disturbance in planetary ecology, new types of diseases and their variants have cropped up and affected the society in the last few years. The variants are equally or more harmful than the original version (like H5N5 also known as Bird Flu is a more harmful variant of H1N1, which is commonly known as Swine Flu) and are being induced mainly from poultry animals. Since the poultry animals come under the human food chain, the scientists have started preparing the antidote for such viruses. With the new systems and software, it is comparatively easier to prepare a design of the drug and then start with the actual process of manufacturing the medicine.


In the lieu of recent developments in various fields and in different domains and sectors, it is very easy to identify the technologies which are or will be in high demand in coming future. These changes, however, not only impact the Indian and Global market but also have a great influence on the engineering streams, with respect to their future scope. As per the latest information available for different scenarios, the following list of engineering streams can be jotted down which will have the highest impact with booming futuristic scope:

  • Electronics and Communication
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Computer Science and Information technology
  • Automobile
  • Nuclear, Petroleum, and Mining
  • Civil
  • Chemical
  • Biotech

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