The Digital HR dream reaches new horizons at the GIBS Conference

The Digital HR dream reaches new horizons at the GIBS Conference

Global Institute of Business Studies located in the picturesque Bangalore that also accommodates a software super culture hosts an array of inspiring and innovative programs to add to academic dreams. The GIBS Human Resources Club put together a variety of experiences that enable a better understanding of what HR can achieve amidst all the technological wonders that facilitate amazing work results. Only a few decades ago, workers lived in the dark as compared to the present! In the absence of digitization in HR functions, it seems that worker wings are cut, like birds unable to fly. Enterprises need to work under the shadow of the digital and embrace the advanced software that incorporates a variety of functions to ease the working life.

HR is as crucial as the finance and the raw materials or services that make up a business entity. These are the crucial necessities for any organization to function, and even the home establishment. Isn’t it a wonderful moment for the HR of the present and the future that an immense range of software applications has opened up new and accomplished work processes, reduced distances and improved effectiveness?

Session 1

A traditional invocation song and the auspicious lighting of the lamp commenced the first session at 11:30 am in the GIBS auditorium. Dr. K. Aparna Rao delivered a welcome speech and introduced the guests to the audience.

Mr. Ashok Thammayya, Director – HR, Schneider Electric and Chairman, NIPM was the keynote speaker. Mr. Ashok threw abundant light on how the human resource functions developed during the phases of the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Automation is everywhere at the moment but the human touch would remain forever, in spite of technology and machinery. He reminded the students that the personnel need to constantly update themselves in terms of acquisition of skills. Competitiveness increasing constantly, that is the only way to find good appointments with the best industries in job searches. A brief question and answer session that lasted 20 minutes ended the session.

Session 2

‘Race to Digitalize HR’ served as the subject of a panel discussion that Professor Krishna Prasad moderated. Many expert comments and reflections of experience sustained audience interest and appropriate themes emerged from the wide-ranging discussions. Some of the salient themes that the panel discussed:

  • The importance of the human touch in HR functions
  • Micro management with the use of digitization
  • System thinking approaches
  • Emotional intelligence as a concept
  • Investment in Digital HR
  • Students and the upgraded skills
  • Modules and applications used in HR

The panel members who represented a universe of ideas, experiences and thoughts hailed from several top notch companies. Mr. Vikrant S Hiremath is the Capegemini HR Applications Manager. Ms. Rashmi Saran is the Executive and Leadership Coach of GROW TALENT HR Consulting. Amreeta Majumdar is an Entrepreneur at Bleuming Technology Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Kumar Sai Deepak is a GIBS Assistant Professor. Together, as the voices rose and covered the audience, student dreams floated high. Every boy and girl who now studies in GIBS waits to join some auspicious company in the search for professional success. Knowing the future is crucial in order to rise up the ladder quickly enough.

The occasion ended with many positive thoughts among the students and  a new resolve to succeed better and reach higher in the HR world with the blessings of digitization.

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