Trained Professional Bankers Can Do Wonders for the Banking Sector

Banking Program in Delhi NCR

The terms “bank” and “economic development” go hand in hand, and it is no wonder that the banking sector is considered the backbone of a country’s economy.

Particularly in India, the government and private banks do get a significant share of their credit for their contribution to the improvement of the Indian economy.

The banking industry has undergone a tremendous change globally, owing to the rapid advances in technology. Unlike three decades ago, banks today have reached the remotest places of the country, and have achieved great success. The recent years have seen an incredible development in the banking sector, and a massive change has been observed in the nature of financial services.

With the Internet making its foray into the banking sector, functions which could not have been even envisioned three decades ago, have now become a reality. Various revolutionary changes, such as ATM services, electronic payment and Internet banking, have made things much easier for the end customers. With e-commerce forming a major part of the business, even banks have adopted themselves to this trend. Gone are the days when we stood in long queues at banks for transferring or withdrawing money. Today, owing to the technological advances in the banking sector, we can now easily transfer money online while sitting in the comfort of our homes, offices, or even in a coffee shop.

The latest developments in this sector have, however, created the need for a tech-savvy, well-educated, skilled workforce to cater to the rising demands. The banking sector currently requires specialized manpower to cope up with the workload and the changes that have been brought about by the advances in technology. This is where the importance of professional training courses in banking management come to the rescue.

Because of such professional banking courses, the banking sector is no more a sector dominated by commerce graduates only;candidates from other backgrounds can also aspire for jobs in the banking sector. Candidates from any educational background – engineering, arts, or science – can very well learn the nitty-grittiest of the banking industry by attending a professional training course in banking management.

Understanding the growing potential of the banking industry and the wide range of career opportunities that it can offer to the youth of our nation, the renowned Times of India Group’s education wing, TimesPro, has come up with a power-packed professional banking course i.e.,the Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management (PGDBM).

With curriculum that has been developed according to international standards, TimesPro’s PGDBM program focuses on enabling each of its student to be well-versed with the requirements of the banking domain. Students are provided with thorough knowledge on various aspects of banking, which include:

  • Banking Laws and Regulations
  • Money, Banking and Indian Financial System
  • Retail Banking
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Business Banking and NRI Banking
  • Core Banking Solutions
  • Digital Banking
  • Banking Products and Services
  • Sales and Distribution of Financial Products and Services
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Excel and Business Statistics

Moreover, as part of the PGDBM program, students are also trained on communication skills and on improving their overall personality. Apart from the robust theoretical facet, the program also involves hands-on learning through a series of exercises which further help the candidates to better understand the functioning of the entire banking system and the qualities that they need to emerge as successful banking professionals.

 Students are also trained on soft skills and functional and professional skills that enable them to easily tackle the demands of the banking sector in an effective and efficient manner.

Moreover, upon completing the course, students get an opportunity to appear for at least three placement interviews, which helps in launching their career in the right direction.

 So, whether you are a working professional or a student who has just completed your graduation and want to make a mark in the banking sector, go ahead and join the course. The minimum qualification requirement for enrolling for the PGDBM course is graduation in any stream with minimum 50% marks. To check the other eligibility criteria for the course, visit Best Banking Program in Delhi NCR.

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